Founded mid-cast and hip deep in a mountain stream, Slackwater stands for the moments between life’s ebbs and flows—especially those enjoyed with friends, family and beers in-hand.

In 2013 after starting the Whistler Village Beer Festival, Liam Peyton imagined opening a brewery, but not necessarily one in Penticton. It truly took a village, and perhaps more importantly, a determined woman—Liam’s now wife Kelsey, to make all of the pieces come together. Their shared love for beer was matched only by a passion for the outdoors, two things the couple decided would never be mutually exclusive in their life. 

So was born Slackwater Brewing in 2019 between two waters in Penticton.

Good beer breeds great friendships, and vice versa

Already an accomplished Coastal BC talent, brewmaster Chris Vandenberg cut his teeth at Parallel 49, Postmark and Powell Street before going inland after an obvious synergy with Slackwater’s founders. His brewing philosophy is focused on simplicity, balance and approachability with some newly inspired local infusions from the Okanagan's natural landscapes.