Slackwater and Covid-19

Covid-19 Updates & Policies (Updated April 1, 2021)

From March 29th until April 19th, we will only be servicing our two patios (street-side and rooftop) for food and beverage service. Food and drink is available for takeout through our website, phone, or via DoorDash & Skip The Dishes.

We are all aware of the global impact that the 2019 Coronavirus has caused. Re-opening our business, and how we operate moving forward will be governed by recommendations and guidelines provided to us by the Ministry of Health, WorkSafe BC, Liquor & Cannabis Regulations Branch, BC Restaurant & Food Services Association, BC Craft Brewers Guild and more. 

Staff and guest health and safety is our priority. 

Social Distancing

  • Maintain social distancing of 6 feet whenever possible
  • Large tables and picnic tables are limited to 6 guests at a time 
  • No furniture is to be moved from the set seating plan - No exceptions. Seating chart is reset and measured out by management at the start of each business day. Tables cannot add additional seats that are not already at the table. Additional chairs expands the radius of the table and can jeopardize the spacing between groups.
  • Wearing of masks is now mandatory by Public Health Order. All guests are required to wear a mask (we can provide if needed) to and from your table and the washrooms.
  • Washrooms will be reduced to a maximum of one person at any time
  • Chair backs must be a minimum of 6 feet apart from each other when spacing tables and seating guests. Management reset and measure out all seating daily.
  • Live music and performers are restricted to two people on the stage at any given time. Tables have been spaced 3m/10ft from the performer and a Perspex screen has been installed to act as a barrier for potential droplets from the stage. 
  • Roaming or table hopping is strictly not permitted. Say hi to your friends from another table afterward outside. Guests joining other tables, standing or seated, will be asked to sit back at their designated seats. Repeat offenders/minglers will be asked to leave the premises
  • All guests are seated in rotation by the host/hostesses
  • All food and beverage service is for seated guests only. (Update March 29, 2021 - 'and is limited to outdoor patio seating only'.
  • Our kitchen and service staff wear masks when interacting with each other and guests, whenever social distancing cannot be maintained due to the task at hand

Correct & Frequent Hand Cleaning

  • Signs provided by the BC Center for Disease Control are located at every sink in the building
  • Hourly cleaning logs for the washrooms are in place and completed as required.
  • Hand sanitizer can be found for staff and guests at the host station, bar, server station, sanitizer stations across the rooms and washrooms.

Hourly Cleaning Logs

  • Managers/supervisors will conduct checks (frequently) every three hours to ensure the responsible staff members are completing the checks on the hour

    Enhanced Cleaning Protocols

    Opening, operating and closing checklists are completed on a daily basis, along with the additional COVID cleaning logs and a permanent attitude by all staff members to continually increase our health and safety policies to keep all that come into contact with our business safe.

      Symptomatic Employee Policy

      • Employees exhibiting any symptoms of COVID-19, the flu or common cold are NOT to come to work. 
      • Any staff members that require testing due to potential exposure are to isolate at home until test results are returned
      • All staff periodically sign declarations that they are happy, healthy, not travelled, and are not presenting any symptoms or have not been in contact with a positive case.

      Symptomatic Guest Policy 

      • We have the right to refuse any customers exhibiting symptoms of illness. 
      • There is signage posted at the front door and you need to be diligent when serving guests. If a guest is suspected of, or exhibiting symptoms such as fever, nausea, coughing etc., they may be asked to leave or not enter the establishment.

      Personal Protection Equipment

      Personal protection shall be worn by all employees while on shift and inside the premises.  This may include non-surgical masks, face shields, bandanas etc., with full covering of the mouth and nose.

      All guests and contractors must wear masks to and from their table or the washrooms. 

      SPECIAL EVENT POLICY (Special Events are currently on hiatus, as per PHO, between November 19 and December 7, 2020.)

      All existing policies stated below are in effect during a designated 'special event'. Our definition of a special event is when we are closed to the general public to offer a special experience or offering to ticket holders. These events include, but are not limited to; seated set dinners, live music requiring a charge at the door or tickets in advance, film and movie screening.

      • Contact tracing details for every guest, not just one per table, is required. Names are taken in advance during the ticket and reservation stage, and confirmation of any changes to guests are made by phone within 24 hours of the event.
      • A maximum of 50 patrons are allowed for any special event. Due to the size of the venue, we can accommodate an event upstairs and downstairs as we have separate entries, exits and washrooms. 
      • Each respective event space will be closed for an hour after patrons leave for deep cleaning and sanitation. 
      • There is no dance floor, nor is dancing permitted. Guests must remain seated at their designated table for service.
      • Event entries are staggered to reduce risk of congestion at the entrance.