On Tap

Our custom-built Ripley Stainless 10 hectolitre brewing system is what brewers dreams are made of. Brewmaster Chris Vandenberg lives out his dreams in real-time every day and this taproom is the benefactor.

His Keepers line are our year-round beers, the variety that you’ll always want to have in a cooler. Catch & Release beers are creative and/or collaborative one-offs, the kiss and tell variety that seem to get better with each story told about them. Our Confluence Series are single batch and barrel-aged brews as elusive as the Ogopogo so when you see them, maybe keep it to yourself...




Tight Lines | Helles Lager

Angler's Tale | NW Pale Ale

Idleback | Amber Ale

What The Fog?! | NE IPA

Intruder | IPA

Deepwater | American Porter

Nickel Plate | Grisette

Althea | Hibiscus Blonde

Waikato | Chardonnay Barrel-Aged Dry-Hopped Saison with Nelson Sauvin (Released July 30)


Lonetree Authentic Dry Cider